We offer a variety of residential fencing services. Browse our fence services below and contact us today to discuss your project!
Fence Installation

Fence Installation

Want to keep your pet in your yard? Something munching on your precious garden? Want to keep the nosy neighbors at bay? D&D Fence can install your new fence no matter the reason and in no time at all!

Fence Repair in West Bend, WI

Fence Repair

Just as the weather and elements affect homes, landscaping, and more, fences tend to need continued maintenance to keep up their appearance and functionality. D&D Fence can help with all of your fence repair needs!

Privacy Fences

Privacy Fences

When you’re enjoying your backyard, your garden, maybe even a pool, you may find that you don’t welcome the gaze of your neighbors. Privacy fences are no problem for D&D Fence! Contact us to learn more about our privacy fences!

Fence Removal

Upon occasion, you may find that you need to remove an old fence. Whether it’s for building expansion, installing a brand new fence, or simply to make an area LOOK better, D&D Fence can help you remove it!

Dog Runs

Want to turn your dog out and not have to worry about them wandering off? D&D Fence can help you plan out and install your dog run, whether it’s portable or permanent!

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences create secure spaces without losing visibility. Enjoy the security of a fence made of chained links of steel that can keep pets in, intruders out, and will last for years! Want to add privacy to a chain link fence? We can help with that too!

Gates & Access Control

Gates & Access Control

When it comes to access control, you can’t go wrong with D&D Fence! Gate openers (swing gates, cantilever gates, etc.) and safety devices are one of our specialty. When you hire D&D Fence, you know it will be done right!